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Why Choose Grinners

The Grinners Standard

Grinners Catering has been a proudly Australian-owned company since we first opened our doors in 1987. In the two decades following, we have gone to great lengths to build our reputation as one of the country's premium catering groups.

Grinners are Winners

We recognise that taking the step to begin your own business comes at a significant financial investment. That's why you need to be able to trust the brand you'll be working with and ensure you have the same future goals.

Our Network

Becoming part of the Grinners team gives you access to a range of high-level support through all stages of your business development. From assistance with site selection and fit out in your initial stages, to a start-up marketing campaign and pre-booking help, the expert staff at Grinners' NSW headquarters are always happy to help you build your business.

Our Technology

While the strength of the Grinners business is based on the hands-on experience we've gained over the last two decades, we continue to look to the future for new ways to develop and grow our business. That's why we're proud to be early adopters of on-demand applications and offer our franchisees access to our leading-edge Technology.

Your Customers

The flexibility of Grinners' menus and our capacity to service functions of all sizes opens up several different markets to our operators. Our excellent service standards have delivered high levels of repeat business, and we often become a trusted service provider for local families who continue to invite us back to help celebrate their milestones.

Your Qualifications

While Grinners offers franchisees a world of opportunity and support to build a successful local business, we are also selective of the people we partner with and choose only those who we feel will maintain and extend the Grinners brand.

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