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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the cost of a Grinners Catering Franchise

A. Because each franchise area differs in size and demographics, each territory is priced in relation to the size and demographic make up of the territory in which the franchise is proposed.

Q What does a new franchise consist of?

A The purchase price of a new franchise includes all equipment and computer programs necessary to operate the business with the exception of motor vehicles.

Q Do I need cooking or catering experience to run a Grinners franchise?

A Each new franchisee receives full in house and ongoing training in all aspects of the business including food preparation and cooking.

Q How long has Grinners Catering been operating?

A It has progressed to it's present form as a national catering company from it's beginning in 1987

Q What industry organisations does Grinners Catering have an association with?

A Grinners Catering (Australia) has been since it's inception a member of The Franchise Council of Australia and also Restaurant & Caterers NSW.

Q How many franchises are presently in operation operation?

A Currently there are two in Sydney, one in Newcastle, one in The Hunter Valley / Lake Macquarie, one in Darwin and two in Perth.

Q What are the long term goals of Grinners Catering (Australia)?

A To systematically expand the group into areas not already serviced by the company and to continue the growth of our new initiative to own or manage a a series of function centres (See and

Q Who owns Grinners Catering(Australia)?

A In 2000 the company was purchased from the original owners by the then two largest Grinners franchisees in Australia who continue to own and operate the business to date.

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