Grinners Catering Survey Response from Wednesday, 13 July 2011
Respondent type:Person who placed the booking
Return customer:No
How did you hear about grinners:Internet
Why choose grinners:Convenience, Service
Level of service during enquiry:Excellent
Comment on level of service during enquiry:All questions answered and information and advice sent quickly and effiently
Food Presentation:Excellent
Staff Appearance:Excellent
Staff Attitude:Excellent
Overall Organisation:Excellent
Comment on food and service at the function:Staff were efficient, polite and unobtrusive.
Scotch Fillet Steak:Excellent
BBQ. Sausages:Excellent
Hot Baby Potatoes:Excellent
Vegetable Bake:Excellent
* Greek Salad:Excellent
Caesar Salad:Excellent
* Gourmet Thai Noodle Salad:Good
Comment on specific menu options served:Party guests all commented on how good the food and service was.
Advantage of catering with Grinners:We, as parents of the party girl, didn''t want to be worried about cooking ,cleaning up and getting rid of rubbish. By having grinner cater this was all taken out of our hands so we could enjoy the night too.
Would you recommend Grinners:Yes
Comment on Recommending Grinners:The entire process was easy and made our night enjoyable....Thank you for all of your assistance.

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