Grinners Catering Survey Response from Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Respondent type:Host
Return customer:No
How did you hear about grinners:Yellow Pages Phone Book
Why choose grinners:Price, Reputation
Level of service during enquiry:Excellent
Food Presentation:Excellent
Staff Appearance:Excellent
Staff Attitude:Excellent
Overall Organisation:Excellent
Glazed Leg Ham:Excellent
Prime Cut of Lamb:Excellent
Turkey Breast:Excellent
Potato au Gratin (V) (GF):Excellent
Roast Pumpkin:Excellent
Tossed Garden Salad:Excellent
Cool Creamy Pasta:Excellent
Cheese and Fruit Platter $130.00:Excellent
Advantage of catering with Grinners:Not having to worry about cooking for over 50 people and knowing that all the dishes etc were taken away without anyone having to worry about tidying it up. The fact that you were self sufficient was a bonus. Would be very happy to recommend your services to anyone. All the best for the Christmas season.
Would you recommend Grinners:Yes

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