Grinners Catering Survey Response from Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Respondent type:Host
Return customer:Yes
Why choose grinners:Price, Service, Reputation
Level of service during enquiry:Excellent
Food Presentation:Excellent
Staff Appearance:Excellent
Staff Attitude:Excellent
Overall Organisation:Excellent
* Sante Fe Beef - Carved in front of Guests:Excellent
* Marinated Lamb Leg-Carved in front of Guests:Excellent
* Country Potato Bake:Excellent
* Warm Italian Pasta:Excellent
* Tossed Garden Salad:Excellent
* Caesar Salad:Excellent
Fettuccine Basil Mayonnaise:Excellent
Fruit Basket:Excellent
Bread Rolls:Excellent
Comment on specific menu options served:Thank you for making our function run smoothly and effortlessly. Your staff are commendable on their presentation and assistance during the event. The guests could not comment enought about the flavour and freshness of the food that was served and the presentation of the function. Sharon
Advantage of catering with Grinners:Ease of catering and chocies.
Suggestions to improve products/services:Not sure as your service excels now.
Would you recommend Grinners:Yes
Comment on Recommending Grinners:I already have and will continue to do so for the previous reasons mentioned in my comments.

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