Grinners Catering Survey Response from Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Respondent type:Host, Person who placed the booking
Return customer:No
How did you hear about grinners:Internet
Why choose grinners:Convenience
Level of service during enquiry:Excellent
Comment on level of service during enquiry:Timely response
Food Presentation:Excellent
Food Quality:Excellent
Staff Appearance:Excellent
Staff Attitude:Excellent
Overall Organisation:Excellent
Mediterranean Brie Wheel:Excellent
Open Sandwich Platter ..$150 - 25 per platter:Excellent
Vegetables and Dip ... $120 :Excellent
Advantage of catering with Grinners:I didn''t have time this year to cater myself; this was the only option if we wanted to entertain
Suggestions to improve products/services:They are perfect ☺
Would you recommend Grinners:Yes
Comment on Recommending Grinners:Every aspect of the experience was outstanding, thank you

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